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Mustela 'Ardos' Moscato Vino Da Uva Stramature- a very sweet wine

Mustela 'Ardos' Moscato Vino Da Uva Stramature

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2008, Sweet, 13%, 375ml

Uva Stramature means overripe grapes in Italian. It refers to Moscato which has been left to shrivel (Ardos means shrivelled in Latin) under the sun and harvested late so as to obtain grapes of higher sugar levels. There are not many who make this style of Moscato in Piedmont as it tends to lose its aroma profile with too much sun. However, the site has winds coming from the direction of the river that weaves itself gently through the hills, moderating the temperatures of the grapes while it is left to ripen. The grapes are then harvested and left to ferment slowly, sometimes over a minimum period of 6 months to a year. This wine is only made in certain years when the grapes are in perfect condition and the weather is not rainy. 

The flavours remind us of dried orange skin and apricots. 

6-8 °C. 
Up to 3 years. 
Drink this on its own after a meal or lemon pie.