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Wine Education- Corporate workshops and private sessions

Looking for your next corporate event or thinking of picking up a new skill this weekend? Here we have a range of programmes for those who want to explore wine to wine aficionados who want to up their game. We will bring the wine and everything you need to your venue, be it your home or your office. Or do you have something in mind? We would love to hear from you. Speak to us today to find out more.

How to wine into business events and build relationships 

Discover how wine can open up opportunities for you at work. Be confident at formal events and carry yourself with sass. Discover your flavour profile and find words to define your experience as you taste five wines in this engaging two hours session. Experience. Min: 6 Max: 12 Open to all 18 and above.

Singapore Street Food And Wine Experience

What's your favourite local food? Have you ever wondered which wines will pair well with those dishes? Bring 4 of your faves and certified sommelier Shalom Chin, will be your guide in this exciting gastronomical adventure. Be prepared to have your taste buds titillated and tickled in this Singapore Street Food and Wine
Experience. Min: 6 Max: 12 Open to all 18 and above.

Uncover The Delicious Marriage Of Wine And Chocolate

Pairing wine and chocolate is a match made heaven for the foodie and the sommelier. Like wine, chocolate also has a multitude of textures and flavors, and getting the art of pairing is actually a precise science! Savour 4 premium wines carefully selected to be paired with 4 different chocolates from milk to dark. Whether you're a foodie or a wine enthusiast, it's a whole different story when you experience the marriage of the two.
Min: 6 Max: 12 Open to all 18 and above

Wine And Cheese Tasting

Are you curious to know what wines to pair with your cheese? For an evening, step into the shoes of a sommelier with Shalom. He will take you on a stimulating journey where you will learn the principles behind tasting and pairing the age-old duo - wine & cheese. Four premium wines have been selected to be paired with four different kinds of cheese, varying in texture. Prepare to have your taste buds titillated!
Min: 6 Max: 12 Open to all 18 and above.

Wine Fundamentals I

Learn the basic knowledge to start your vinous journey – this course covers the basics of assessing wine, describing its aroma and comparing it to other wines.
Find out how different wines are produced, as well as stories of the wine producers. Six different wines will be tasted. This is the course to do before intermediate level.
Wines to be tasted:
Castelveder Franciacorta Brut, Italy
Möwes Riesling kabinett Pfargarten Granit 2014, Germany
Berte& Cordini Chardonnay 2013, Italy
Segni di Langa Pinot Nero 2014, Italy
Berte& Cordini Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Italy
Mustela Moscato d'Asti 2015, Italy
*Wines are subject to change due to availability

Wine Fundamentals II

In Wine Fundamentals I, we learned the basics about wine production and the different types of wine.In this informative session, we will add onto our previous knowledge of learning how to select, serve and store wines in the proper way. Cork of screwcap bottles? What glasses to use? What wines with what food? All these questions shall be answered and more! Five wines shall be tasted.

Experience includes:
Taste five wines
Learn the basics of analyzing wine.
Understand how to serve wine in what order
Learn what people use to choose wines.
Learn what wine glass to use
Learn what is the best temperature to serve wine.
The principles behind food and wine pairing

Wine Intermediate 

This class is for those who know the basics of wine assessment and would like to hone their skills in understanding subtle differences between old and new world wines.
This class also addresses a deeper level of assessing wines and their quality as well as understanding wine preferences. Six wines will be tasted.

Wines to be tasted:
Machiori Prosecco Brut 2014
Berte& Cordini Sauvignon 2014
Stefano Amerighi Syrah 2012
Three other wines to compare with the first three
*Wines are subject to change due to availability