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Pian Delle Vette – Mountain wines dominating the Dolmites

Rosalia Mardegan of Pian delle Vette tending to the vines.
Pian delle Vette is a small 2.5 hectares winery located 500 metres above sea level at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites and whose first vintage was in 2009. The winery is the dream of Rosalia Mardegan, who along with her small team, manages the vineyard and does the winemaking with her own hands. Her aim is to make wines that reflect the soil, natural environment and cool climate of the mountains. Besides using organic methods to grow the grapes, Rosalia seeks to capture the freshness of the mountain air in her wines. Indigenous grapes of the land are selected to survive the severe winters, nutrient-poor soils and sensitive temperature variations between day and night. From the harshness of the mountains, wines of vitality, power and purity are produced to please the palates of those who seek out these wines.