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Giulano Iuorio grew up in the village of Trezzo Tinella where his first inter-est in grapes came from helping his father in the vineyard. His passion fully ignited when at 16, dreaming of owning equipment to make wines one day. During his military service, he spent every moment of his free time participating in the harvest and obtaining experience in the cellars where he taught himself winemaking. However, he remained fearful about the risk involved in the wine business. After seeing friends around him start their own wineries, he overcame his fear by taking a bold step in creating Mustela in 2003. Mustela is named after the first vineyard of his parents and means fujn or the ferret (Mustela putorius furo). This self-taught winemaker never ceases to amaze us with his ideas and wine-making style that is unique and different from the traditional methods of the region. His pride is in his Moscato, which vividly reminds us of Miele di Castagno or chestnut honey. 

Giulano is part of a group of young winemakers in the Langhe called ‘Langa Style’ that shares the same vision of creativity and individuality to their approach in the wine world.